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Chepstow (215 x 65 x 20mm)
From £14.20 excl. VAT

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We are the largest and most innovative purpose made brick slip manufacturer in the UK.

We supply brick slips for brick cladding to retail and trade customers alike with competitive discounts available for trade customers.

What ever your brick cladding project is our brick slips are standard UK sizes so will align correctly with underlying brick or block work and are suitable for external as well as internal brick cladding projects.

We also manufacture brick specials in all our colours so you can clad with design freedom and confidence. Whether going around corners, under window reveals or working around steps in the structure Matclad can offer you the special to meet your project needs even custom making pieces for those 'unusual' situations.

You can find out more about our brick slips in our FAQ or contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff by calling us on 01978 291133 or by using our contact form

Latest News

MATCLAD Slips in DIY SOS project! - Monday, February 17, 2020
We were proud to be part of DIY SOS's project in Manchester recently!. Our slips Oldham Dark were used to great effect in the modern kitchen.
Featured Project - Matclad Brick Slips used as flooring - Thursday, November 3, 2016
A beautiful example of how brick slips can be used as floor tiles in this exclusive central London house. The entire ground floor is clad in smooth red brick slips which are durable both inside and outside the property.
Brick Slips by Matclad Featured in Real Homes - Saturday, October 8, 2016
See the beautiful kitchen project with fantastic brick slip feature wall. The brickwork design was created with Sussex Press reclaimed brick tiles from Matclad. A toughened glass panel protects it and forms a discreet splash back.
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Sussex Press Reclaim (230 x 71 x 20mm)
PLEASE READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE! A true Reclaim brick slip with paint, mortar and a variety of base colours including pinks, reds and plums. This product is a true method of making your project look like it has been built from old brick (because it has).
From £24.75 excl. VAT
Sussex Press Reclaim Corner (230 x 71 x 20mm)
Corner pieces for the Sussex Press Reclaim brick slip range.
From £1.89 excl. VAT
Westbury Handmade Corner (215 x 65 x 102.5 - 20mm thick)
Corner pieces for the Westbury Handmade brick slip range. All matclad corner pieces are made in 'one piece' - that is without cutting and bonding to achieve a seamless finish.
From £1.89 excl. VAT