Brick Slips and FREE Samples

A close up image of six brick slips laid on flat

We are the largest manufacturer of purpose made brick slips in the UK supplying nationwide, to trade and retail, from £8.99 + VAT per half M2 box.

Our in-house manufactured slips are harder fired than a lot of our competitors. If you hit them together you will hear them 'ring'! They are fully frost resistant (BS EN 771-1 F2) and we can make custom products to match most bricks available in Europe.

What are brick slips?

Visit our FAQ for a quick explanation of how they can be used, the different sizes we can offer or contact us to discuss your project.

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Westbury Handmade (215 x 65 x 20mm)
This handmade brick slip is visually stunning with a red to brown body, black sooting and marbling and dashes of yellow. Every piece is skillfully thrown by a handmaker to give creases and rounded edges with endless variation.
From £15.30 excl. VAT

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