Picture of Polyurethane Brick Slip Tracking Sheet
£36.00 excl. VAT
2.4M x 1.2M Sheet

Polyurethane Brick Slip Tracking Sheet

Brick Slip Tracking System for use with ICF, timber frame etc. and large scale applications speed up and de-skill the project. A variety of fixings means this can be applied on top of many substrates. This tracking is only suitable for 65mm brick slips.(FIXING IS NOT INCLUDED)
Manufacturer: Matclad Ltd
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This is a 1.5mm thick plastic sheet with ribs on. It can be cut with a pair of scissors and is ideal for afixing direct onto masonry to aid alignment.

Once this has been fixed in place brick slips are then adhered using epoxy adhesive and once cured the slips can then be pointed. 

This system is ideal for large expanses of wall where simplification of the alignment is required.

You should use a contact adhesive to take the sheets onto your substrate before mechanically fixing the sheet in place. (FIXING IS NOT INCLUDED)

If you have any technical queries please call our office who will be able to give you technical advice regarding your application.