About Us

An image of a kiln car with brick slips on that a re still hot from the firing process

A train of kiln cars filled with hot brick slips straight out of the kiln

Matclad Ltd ( is a family owned brick making business recognised by the Brick Development Association (BDA) as a brick maker and is currently the only member who specialises in purpose manufactured brick slips.

Our plant is located on the Welsh border and is producing Soft Mud brick slips using English sourced clays so as to produce slips which look traditional.

We are proud of our innovative products and believe purpose making (that is to make the slips at 20mm thick instead of cutting them from full bricks) is the best way to clad in brick. It is cost effective, better for the environment and technically superior to most of the brick slips cut from brick.

Our brick slips and other products are made from raw ingredients and fired in our own kilns. We mix the clay, we form the clay, we dry the clay (we often get covered in clay!) and we fire them to over 1000 degrees in-house.

Neil Sullivan is the Managing Director and his son, Paul Sullivan, is the Technical  Director though Paul heavily leans on Neils 30 years experience in the heavy clay industry to guide him.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them!

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