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This blend of reds, pinks and black sand moulded brick slips brings a tricoloured appearance to your brick facade.

The product is pre-blended but the proportions can be adjusted to suit a particular order and is often how a different tonal effect is achieved.

We often custom blend typically at no additional charge so please let our office know what you are looking for. We will make up and photograph a panel so you can see your custom blend.

Brick Slip Fact

Multi coloured bricks are desirable in certain projects. This can be achieved by using different clay mixes, sand stains, surface additives and adjusting kiln conditions.

Old bricks were, due to the nature of the clamp kiln, often multi-coloured. If they wanted to achieve a consistently plainer colour the packers would hand select bricks for colour.

Modern kilns do not suffer from the highly variable nature of a clamp kiln so bricks made today are usually consistent. When multi-colours are wanted they need to be added back in.

ColourBlack, Orange, Pink Buff, Red
Surface FinishSanded
Suitable for External UseExternal and Internal Use

All stated sizes are nominal. Declaration of Performance for each product is available on request.